Do you frequently have headaches, earaches, or jaw pain when you wake up? Perhaps you've caught yourself gritting or clenching your teeth at night. If you recognize any of these signs, you may have bruxism, a common disorder. While the precise origins of bruxism are still somewhat unknown, a number of things, including stress, sleep disorders, an irregular bite, and dental problems, can aggravate this unpleasant disease. Bruxism can cause dental issues like cracked or broken teeth, harmed restorations, and even tooth loss if left untreated. Nightguards are a quick and non-intrusive way to stop bruxism, though.

Understanding Bruxism

Because it usually takes place when you're asleep, bruxism, often known as teeth grinding, is a problem that frequently goes unnoticed. Those who clench or grind their teeth at night may not even be aware of their habit until they suffer unpleasant side effects, such as jaw pain, earaches, migraines, or dental damage. Although the exact causes of bruxism are yet unknown, stress and anxiety, as well as dental and bite-related problems, are thought to be major contributing factors.

The Importance of Nightguards

Using a nightguard is an efficient technique to stop teeth grinding's long-term wear and damage. Your dentist makes these oral devices specifically to fit your teeth. In order to keep your teeth from coming into touch with one another while you sleep, nightguards are normally worn over either your upper or lower arch. The negative effects of teeth grinding and clenching are lessened thanks to this cushioning action.

Choosing the Right Nightguard

When it comes to selecting a nightguard, it's crucial to make an informed choice. There are three primary types of nightguards available:

  • Pre-made Nightguards: Nightguards that have already been made are widely distributed and sold without a prescription at most pharmacies. While they might offer some degree of protection, they frequently don't have the tailored fit required to successfully address your unique bruxism issues.
  • "Boil-and-Bite" nightguards: By following the accompanying directions, you can shape these to your teeth at home. They may not offer the same level of comfort and protection as a custom-made nightguard despite having a better fit than pre-made options.
  • Nightguards Made to Order by Your Dentist: The gold standard in bruxism treatment is these nightguards. They provide the best comfort and protection because they were made specifically for your teeth. Nightguards that are built to order are tear-resistant, correctly sized for your mouth, and don't get in the way of breathing.

Benefits of Custom-Made Nightguards

In-office, made-to-order nightguards from your dentist have the following benefits:

  • Tailored Fit: They are made to precisely fit your teeth, providing the greatest level of comfort and security.
  • Durability: These nightguards are built to last because of the premium, tear-resistant materials used in their construction.
  • Simple to Maintain: Because custom-made nightguards are simple to maintain and clean, keeping proper oral hygiene is straightforward.
  • Comfortable Breathing: Unlike some one-size-fits-all options, custom-made nightguards won't obstruct your ability to breathe normally while you sleep.

If you believe you have bruxism, seek treatment before your teeth health is severely compromised. Using a nightguard is a straightforward but incredibly efficient approach to protect your teeth and stop the symptoms of teeth grinding. Visit Dental Smile Savers to guarantee that you receive the greatest nightguard that is customized to your needs. A nightguard designed just for you by our qualified staff will ensure comfort and maximum smile protection. Do something now to protect your teeth with a nightguard from Dental Smile Savers to prevent bruxism from stealing your smile. Your grin will appreciate it!

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